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IMA MAGAZINE > IMA 2017 Autumn Vol.21

『IMA 2017 Autumn Vol.21』

IMA 2017 Autumn Vol.21IMA 2017 Autumn Vol.21
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『IMA 2017 Autumn Vol.21』

Feature: Alternative Photography Processes Re-evaluated

As the evolution of digital technologies accelerates today, and the precision of cameras and printing technologies improve, photographers deliberately introduce noise into their images in an attempt to expand their visual expression. They look back to the early days of photography for their methods not simply for aesthetics, novelty, or nostalgia. When forgotten analogue methods connect intimately to concept, a new photographic horizon opens. Let us enjoy the new photographic era, in which the latest technologies and classical methods coexist.
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  • Size : 334×253×12mm
  • Weight : 790g
  • Year Created : 2017