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『Premonition of Genocide』

Premonition of GenocidePremonition of Genocide
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『Premonition of Genocide』

Kansuke Yamamoto was only 18 when he started taking photographs in 1931, 30 years before Japanese photography became internationally recognized. Since the beginning, Yamamoto was highly skilled and full of innovative expressions, which placed him on par with European artists such as Man Ray and Moholy-Nagi.

With support from Toshio Yamamoto, son of Kansuke Yamamoto and director of his estate, amanasalto has selected 14 masterpieces from Yamamoto's early works. The series titled Kansuke Yamamoto - Selection from Early Works (1933-1953) includes the collage A Chronicle of Drifting, and the multiple exposure piece Reminiscence, the latter which has been considered difficult to reproduce after his passing.

By incorporating our own digital technology into the platinum printmaking process, amanasalto has recreated his pieces using the artist's negatives. The resulting prints, delicate in texture and rich in tones, are faithful to Yamamoto's original artistic intent.
  • Belong to : amanasalto
  • Year Created : 1933-1955 / 2015
  • Edition : 6
  • Print Size : 406×506mm
  • Special Notes :AMS-KYAM-EW05