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『Figures- Looking up』

Figures- Looking upFigures- Looking up

『Figures- Looking up』

"The motif for Figures is the human body. I have been photographing still life and sceneries, and hardly dealt with this subject. The human body exposes the subject’s social background or internal situation. It was a sensitive matter and I avoided it for a long time. I finally chose this motif because I was interested in the texture of human flesh and wanted to develop a method I found while experimenting on haptic green. In this method, numerous close-up shots are stitched together: the parts are connected to present a whole. In this way, rather than the stable and centripetal whole subordinating the parts, the parts assert their presence and create the whole by relating to each other.There is a new possibility that is different from existing photographic expressions. I hope to express the tactile surface of the human body and the antagonistic relation between the part and the whole.
-Naruki Oshima, October, 2015

© Naruki Oshima, Courtesy of Yumiko Chiba Associates
  • Belong to : Yumiko Chiba Associates
  • Year Created : 2015
  • Edition : 3
  • Print Size : 1150×900mm
  • Special Notes :YCA-NOSH-FG08