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『Présage 06』

Présage 06Présage 06

『Présage 06』

We are thrilled to present ‘Présage/Connotations’, Hideyki Ishibashi’s first solo exhibition with IMA.

In “Présage”, Ishibashi makes each piece by meticulously collaging together multiple fragments of old photographs and postcards purchased at flea markets. He reconstructs the photographic fragments, divorced from their original contexts, to create a world that is suspended between fantasy and reality.

The finished pieces, in fact, are so carefully pieced together that at first glance it’s unapparent that they are composed of multiple images. At the same time, Ishibashi intentionally leaves dust and other matter that enter the pieces during their production to add depth to the works.
  • Belong to :
  • Year Created : 2014
  • Edition : S : edition of 5 / L : edition of 1
  • Print Size : S : 190×190 / L : 1000×1000mm