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We are thrilled to present ‘Présage/Connotations’, Hideyki Ishibashi’s first solo exhibition with IMA.

Hideyuki Ishibashi is based in Lille, in northern France, and makes works by appropriating and collaging found photographs. He had his solo exhibition, “Présage” at BT Gallery in Tokyo in 2013 and IMA Photobooks published Présage, a book of the same works in 2015.

Very active overseas, Ishibashi has shown “Présage” at Gallery Vol de Nuits in Marseille, also in 2015 and also exhibited his new series “Connotations” at UNSEEN in Amsterdam to great acclaim.

Ishibashi pushes the methods of appropriation and reconstruction used in “Présage” even further in his new series “Connotations”. The fictional portraits constituting the series are woven together from words that were evoked by highly personal poems written by his friend, a female American poet, based on her romantic relationships. Using images from the internet, Ishibashi collaged embodied images of fictional men.
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  • Year Created : 2016
  • Edition : S : edition of 5 / L : edition of 3
  • Print Size : S : 320×390mm L : 600×726mm