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『Tokyo Parrots Untitled03』

Tokyo Parrots Untitled03Tokyo Parrots Untitled03

『Tokyo Parrots Untitled03』

The Yoshinori Mizutani exhibition “Colors/Tokyo Parrots” will feature two of his best-known series “Colors” and “Tokyo Parrots.”

Since starting to exhibit photographs in 2010, Mizutani has produced a number of works. While his subject matter is various, his works all capture things in Tokyo that inspire curiosity or discomfort in their viewers. The aggregate of images the artist has amassed makes various signs in contemporary society vividly visible. In “Tokyo Parrots,” Mizutani has captured feral lime green parrots, which have exploded in population since initially being brought into Japan as pets in the 1970s. Using a strobe in his signature style, he captures the vivid color and form of the parrots, which create extraordinary scenes in the urban landscape. The presence of these strange creatures also creates a sense of discomfort. Mizutani’s humorous works, which are based on careful observation of his surroundings, stimulate viewers’ desires to see and understand the world.
  • Year Created : 2013
  • Edition : 3+AP
  • Print Size : S:206×310, M:533×800, L:970×1456mm