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A selection of photographs from Kotori Kawashima's new book Myojo will be sold
to commemorate the publication after three years' absence.

After the publication of "Mirai-chan" (2011), Kawashima became enthralled with Taiwan and its people. In three years, she visited Taiwan 30 times and shot over 70,000 images there. Myojo is the culmination of her journeys. The photographs sincerely and gently capture the time that she spent in Taiwan and the people she met. Despite being shot in a foreign land, Kawashima's images feel at once familiar and nostalgic. They communicate the fact that each individual is a valuable life and unique presence. Such images are possible because of Kawashima's closeness to her subjects and her ability to see things on their level.

Each person shines brilliantly like a star as they live in the present.
We hope you enjoy the people of this bright star as photographed by Kawashima.
  • Size : 89×127(2枚セット)mm
  • Year Created : 2014
  • Edition : 3+AP
  • Print Size : 89×127mm
  • Frame Size : 280×355mm