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Miko Okada


Miko Okada

Price (tax incl.): S:¥77,000 M:¥132,000 L:¥198,000

As she looks outside of the window in a rush-hour train, Miko Okada points her camera to the apartment lights. The soft luminous dots are systematically aligned yet, some of the lights are out. It makes you notice that even in an overcrowded city like Tokyo, each has their ways of living and you realise that yourself is also one of the cells shaping this city.
  • ISBN : Miko Okada
  • Size : S: 297×371 / M: 420×525 / L: 594×742mm
  • Belong to : IMA gallery
  • Year Created : 2016-2019
  • Edition : ed.3+AP2 / ed.5+AP2 / ed.5+AP2