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Price (w/o tax): ¥60,000

As its volcanoes erupt, glaciers surge and land cracks beneath our feet, Iceland is where one can experience the dynamic processes of nature on Earth. In between scattered towns, the vast spreading nature reveals its many faces; the expansive layer of moss to volcanic plateaus. Despite the fact that neighbouring Greenland is the one covered with ice, it is said that the Vikings who immigrated to Iceland had called it so to prevent foreign invasions. For this work, I chose to cover the prints with ice before rephotographing them from my wish to preserve the untouched natural landscape in the image. This process aimed to refer back to the essence of photography which instantly freezes a scene as well to pay homage to this isle historically named as the "land of ice". In addition, it allowed me to layer a record of my personal journeys by enclosing plants and stones collected at the site on top of the image.
  • Size : 350×280mm
  • Belong to : IMA gallery
  • Year Created : 2014
  • Edition : ed.10