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PRINTS > A Grand Polyphony 109

『A Grand Polyphony 109』

A Grand Polyphony 109A Grand Polyphony 109

『A Grand Polyphony 109』

The snapshots Ryuichi Ishikawa collected under the word "polyphony" (plurality of sounds) all show aspects of the artist’s daily life in Japan’s islands of Okinawa. While the photographs capture Okinawa in all its forms, from its current life to its history, they are full of an overwhelming and universal energy that goes beyond the confines of these tropical islands.

From within the polyphonic dazzle of the universe — “each has its own existence, expressing its own merit” — an invisible thread rises to the surface, in which the mutual relationships of all those seemingly unconnected things is embedded.

The impact of these photographs are like a sudden accident causing a loss of words, an impact that comes from Ishikawa’s intense sense of actuality in the world. His softness and his beating heart attempt to accept everything that appears before his eyes. These superb views of life unburden the viewer from any limitations.
  • Belong to : Akaaka Art Publishing, Inc.
  • Year Created : 2012
  • Edition : 10
  • Print Size : 550×550mm