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PRINTS > OP.000214 URASOE, 2011

『OP.000214 URASOE, 2011』

OP.000214 URASOE, 2011OP.000214 URASOE, 2011

『OP.000214 URASOE, 2011』

Ryuichi Ishikawa drove a motorbike around the islands of Okinawa and took portraits of around 3,000 people. His photographs are motivated by the desire to somehow know the people that he encountered. These images include the surrounding environment as Ishikawa believes that people must be connected to their social situation. For him, these works do not show “truth” or a singular aspect of the people they depict, but with his portraits, Ishikawa accepts all people and the situation at that moment as seen through his eyes.

These portraits were taken in Okinawa, by an Okinawan, for the Okinawans, a people that is open and full of life.
  • Belong to : Akaaka Art Publishing, Inc.
  • Year Created : 2011
  • Edition : 10
  • Print Size : 550×550mm