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PRINTS > Reflections- 0406

『Reflections- 0406』

Reflections- 0406Reflections- 0406

『Reflections- 0406』

When you casually glance into a shop window as you walk down a street, at first you may not be able to tell what is in front of the glass and what is behind it. This unstable condition will normally be resolved when we organise and order the foreground and background. I try to prevent this organisation in my work by capturing the light just before we recognise what we are looking at. This leads to a photograph in which the image is unstable and the focus is undefined. I believe this is where an unfamiliar condition, different from the repetitive everyday world, emerges. – Naruki Oshima

© Naruki Oshima, Courtesy of Yumiko Chiba Associates
  • Belong to : Yumiko Chiba Associates
  • Year Created : 2009
  • Edition : 5
  • Print Size : 400×500mm
  • Special Notes :YCA-NOSH-RF06