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『haptic green- pi.k.k.01』

haptic green- pi.k.k.01haptic green- pi.k.k.01

『haptic green- pi.k.k.01』

The purpose of this series is to depict the experiences of when you walk into dense green woods, and when your eyes reaches out to scarcely recognize its object. The works are consisted of several closeup photographs digitally stitched together to make one panoptic "tree". Two different perspectives of distances are contained here, a closeup focus to see partial details of the tree, and a distant focus to see the whole perspective of the tree. The "tree" vaguely embodies itself swaying in between these two distances. An ensemble of various senses of feeling the leaves, brunches, trunks - no longer the being fixed symbolic recognition of "green woods" - collectively interweave into each other to embody as an existence. -Naruki Oshima

© Naruki Oshima, Courtesy of Yumiko Chiba Associates
  • Belong to : Yumiko Chiba Associates
  • Year Created : 2013
  • Edition : 5
  • Print Size : 480×540mm
  • Special Notes :YCA-NOSH-HG04