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PRINTS > REBORN-Platinum Print Series #01

『REBORN-Platinum Print Series #01』

REBORN-Platinum Print Series #01REBORN-Platinum Print Series #01
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『REBORN-Platinum Print Series #01』

"Bhutan is a small Buddhist country located at the Eastern end of the Himalayas. People not only respects the Buddhist deities but also the mother nature. Time seems to pass by slowly and people have religious faith as deep as their valleys. On my 4th visit, I started with the town Paro, made a tour around the temples near the capital city Thimphu, and walked the mountain tracks to the North to visit the sacred peak. In the Bumthang, where many ancient temples exist, Tsechu festivals are held throughout the year and I witnessed the people's strong religious faith during the festivals where the monks dance in masks and costumes." - Nao Tsuda

Dedicated to depicting the relationship between human and nature, Tsuda's "REBORN" series focuses on the country Bhutan. The stillness of time in the nature intertwines with the strong spirituality that lives within the people. "REBORN - Platinum Print Series" consists of 18 beautifully framed works carefully selected by the artist.
  • Belong to : amanasalto
  • Year Created : 2010's / 2014
  • Edition : 10
  • Print Size : 609×506mm
  • Special Notes :AMS-NTSU-RB01